Eyelash Extensions & Tinting

Novalash eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic lashes attached to each individual lash, and are practically undetectable by you or anyone else.

Full set (upper) $280
Eyelash Extension Fill-ins
1 week fill $60
2 week fill $80 
3 week fill $90 
4 week fill $120 (if lash loss is 80% an existing client full set will be necessary)
Existing client full set $180  (80% lash loss)

$25 – Brow tinting aides in the illusion of thickness and dimension by simply adding color.  Anyone looking to enhance the eyes without the application of daily eye-brow pencil should consider this easy and convenient procedure.  Works exceptionally well for blondes and brunettes

$25 – The perfect solution for the active client that wants to enhance the eyelash color without the usage of daily mascara.  Perfect for light lashes or clients that have extensions and don’t want to wear mascara on the bottom lash

Theresa Bell, Charlotte NC
Stephanie Cattie, Charlotte NC
Sanda Lukas, Charlotte NC